Apple vs. Magazine Publishers

All Things Digital: “So what happened? The Time Inc. insiders I talked to don’t have a clear answer, presumably because they can’t get one from Apple itself. One theory: Apple is concerned about the publisher’s plans for the consumer data it would collect with each subscription. A darker one: Steve Jobs loves the idea of digital magazines and wants to control the market for himself.”

This has antitrust written all over it.


  1. Umm, not really. To trigger that, the iPad would have to own a controlling position in the market. Given the youth of the tablet/pad/slate market, I think it’s a bit early to make that claim

  2. @James,

    We’re talking about lawyers here. 🙂 They manage to pursue some screwy stuff. Like you’re a fan of pointing out with the RIAA nutters.

    Maybe not antitrust, but I can’t imagine Time, or any other publisher, being happy with this. Then again, how do Kindle books/magazines get distributed? Only via Amazon, is that correct?

    This may be nothing.

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