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New Mac Goodies

Mashable: “Video pros will probably be excited to see the new Mac Pros, the strongest of which now sports a drool-inducing 12 cores (that’s 24 virtual cores if you count Intel’s hyper-threading technology). If you’re so inclined, you can bump up your Mac Pro with a 512 GB SSD, as well as ATI Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of memory. If you have to ask, the price starts at $4,999.”

Emphasis is mine. I’m pretty sure most folks will be talking about the Magic Trackpad today, so I thought I’d go right for the power hungry gear head in you. I think I could find a use for 12 cores, like compiling code. Heck, that’s so fast the code would compile before you clicked the button.

Windows 7 Apps “in your spare time”

Electronista: “Microsoft is hoping to bolster its early Windows Phone 7 app list with those made by its staff in their free time, a memo obtained Thursday said. As part of the same note that promised free WP7 phones to staff, mobile lead Andy Lees encouraged workers to write their own apps to help support the launch. The company is further rolling out an employee developer program to fast-track apps made unofficially within Microsoft.”

Could be a nice little side business for Microsoft employees.

KIN, you didn’t stand a chance

The Register: “Redmond told its workers (the official headcount comes in around 87,000 people worldwide) that each and every last one of ’em would soon be fondling their very own Windows 7 phone, which is set to officially launch in October.”

Man, what kind of message is that to the KIN team? “Yeah, we don’t care about that silly little phone you just finished.”

I wonder how many ‘Softies will continue to use their iPhone and Droid based phones?

iPad, on the road

Jerry Fahrni: “This is where things with the iPad didn’t work out so well. While I found the device a pleasure to use for reading, playing games, dealing with email and using social media, I found it difficult to use for any serious work productivity. The iPad just isn’t designed to take the place of a laptop. Typically when I have downtime I can generate a blog or two or work on something that I’ve been sitting on for just such an occasion. No luck with the iPad. The onscreen keyboard is good, but not that good. In addition the simplicity that makes the iPad such a wonder also creates some problems when it comes to doing a lot of the things I’m used to.”

Bottom line: the iPad is great for consuming content, not creating it.

Take that!

You can't keep Uncle Sam down!Dave Winer: “So yes, we should build a mosque where the World Trade Center used to stand. Because it’s consistent with our values, and because it’s the most arrogant and territorial thing we could do vis a vis the a**holes who blew up the WTC.”

I couldn’t agree more. We are a nation of many religions, contrary to what a lot of people believe, and our founders made sure to write it down, so we wouldn’t forget. The important line is Freedom of Religion, not Freedom from Religion. So, you can be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or whatever.

I also like that it’s kind of flying the middle finger at the nut-job terrorists, that may be my favorite part of the whole thing.

You want it? You got it.

SFGate: “They see the megafarms squeezing out the little guy on economies of scale, industrializing the crop the way big business has done to food and creating monocultures in a pot industry that now grows hundreds of varieties.”

The Marijuana debate in California rages on. The folks that want to legalize it are now up in arms because the big guys are going to jump in and crush them. Hey, welcome to American Capitalism. If you got busy building a business instead of smoking your product you’d have been ready for such an eventuality.

As you can tell, I’m a bit opinionated about the use of pot, but to each his own. I still say we should do one of two things, but of course it’s not as easy as this.

  1. Regulate it at the Federal level and dispense it via pharmacies.
  2. Legalize it and allow it to be sold through Government approved, and regulated, facilities.

If it’s to be treated as a medicine we have a dispensing mechanism that works, use it. If it’s to be completely legalized and treated like alcohol, we should monitor it, like we do alcohol, and tax it.

I’m not an expert on the matter, take what you want away from this. It’s my opinion of the situation, but don’t cry when your “dreams come true” and you realize it’s not what you expected.

Apple sells computers?

Fortune: Between a Steve Jobs keynote in June that ignored it and media feeding frenzy in July that had nothing to do with it, one might almost forget that Apple (AAPL) makes a line of computers called Macintosh.

Ah, yes, Apple does sell computers. I’d almost forgotten.