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Rob Fahrni, binary formLoic Le Meur: “How do you think it will evolve? One platform will win? When html5 is good enough apps will die and web based on all devices will win? How many appstores will we have to register our app to?”

I say ‘No’ because I don’t think a web browser can beat a native application. The web is definitely a least common denominator way to reach an audience and give them a taste of what’s possible, but if you want a rich, and deep, experience nothing beats native. Most mobile applications tend to be fairly shallow, not all, but most. That leads to the question Loic is posing. His products are fairly shallow (that’s not an insult, just an observation) so an HTML 5 version may be plenty “good enough” to satisfy his users.

I for one would go off and write a native app because that’s how I roll. I’m a native snob.

Microsoft won bidding war

Microsoft Cash Cow.Computer World: “IDG News Service – Nokia on Sunday hinted that Microsoft essentially won a bidding war against Google to supply software to the world’s largest handset maker and that the software giant agreed to pay “billions” of dollars for the privilege.”

That explains a lot.

I was preparing to write a post based on some tweets by Robert Scoble. I thought Nokia had kind of lost their minds based on those tweets. They definitely have the talent to make Android do what they want, it would take time to do it, but they could do it. If Microsoft is supplying them custom builds of Windows Phone that will take time as well.

Microsoft has essentially bought a hardware company to help push Windows Phone 7. Not bad, not bad at all. If this works, and Nokia can patch up the disaster this deal caused internally, it could help push Windows Phone into competition with the iPhone and Android.

It could happen.

Old Fresno Brewing Co.

Historical Perspectives: [hat tip Derek Scharton]“Just as the office is a monument to a different era, the brewery that used to reside at the foot of M Street once was a vast testament to a burgeoning city. Built in 1900, it became the largest brewery in the Valley, employing 1,000 workers and pumping out enough beer to help quench the thirsts within the city’s 50 saloons.”

The Great Valley had some amazing businesses at one time. The article is beautifully written and worth a read. Make sure you check out the collection of pictures at the bottom.

FDA regulating software, what a dumb idea.

Kevin MD: “There’s a storm brewing around the regulation of medical apps. The FDA has been skirting the issue for too long and it’s having detrimental effects on the potential for such apps. Recent FDA hearings have revealed that the agency is watching the apps stores for potential alarms and that they are drafting guidance. Whatever that means.”

The thought of the FDA regulating software is a bit of a joke. That’s like allowing a Software Developer to prescribe medications. Sure, we could do it, but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective as someone trained to deal with it.

How in the world would the FDA propose to evaluate applications? Here’s how it would work. They’d start with great intentions. After a while companies would become buddy-buddy with someone responsible for evaluation and before you know it one company has a competitive advantage over another, even if that company is not worthy.

Let the market decide. If Pharmacists, Doctors, and Nurses use the software daily and notice mistakes they’re not going to put up with it for very long. If medical care professionals don’t know enough about their industry to notice a mistake then shame on them. Software, like the human body, is quite simple, yet it can become quite complex. Regulation is not the answer. It will reduce choice and competition in the marketplace, and that’s not a great model for success.

Palm, going smaller?

Scobleizer: “What is it? The smallest little phone I’ve ever seen. It’s like a large pebble in your hand. Smooth and really nice to hold.”

One would hope they have more to offer than a small phone, right? What about the competitor to the iPhone and the plethora of Android devices?

Guess we’ll find out today, noon Pacific.

Darn, the Pre 2 looks pretty darned amazing.

Nokia Burning

Nokia, the Glory Days.gdgt: “It’s amazing to see how many Nokia fanboys are in gaping disbelief over Stephen Elop’s “burning platform” memo. Despite confirmation by the BBC and other outlets that it’s real, guys like Tomi Ahonien are still in complete freaking denial. (He first claimed it was a hoax, now he thinks that the memo could be “taken out of context”. Nice Try.)”

Go read the memo from the CEO. It’s amazing and it’s what a CEO should do. He just kicked each and every one of his employees in the back side and said “Let’s get moving, we’re getting our butts handed to us!”

Nokia had a prime opportunity a couple of years ago. They should have purchased Palm.