The Dark Side of the Cloud

Skull and BonesThomas Monopoly @thomasmonopoly: “On July 15 2011 you turned off my entire Google account. You had absolutely no reason to do this, despite your automated message telling me your system “perceived a violation.” I did not violate any Terms of Service, either Google’s or account specific ToS, and your refusal to provide me with any proof otherwise makes me absolutely certain of this. And I would like to bring to your attention how much damage your carelessness has done.”

Here’s an example of The Mythical Cloud gone wrong.


  1. Not to justify Google’s actions, but these things are to be expected when you give up control to others. Whaddya gonna do?

  2. That’s absolutely correct. Folks need to rethink their dependence on third parties.

    This basically is a warning sign. Make sure you backup your contacts, pictures, and any data that matters to you.

    “Keep it safe, keep it secret.”

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