Apple, not popular among developers

AppleAppleInsider: “The two-hour sellout is the fastest ever for Apple’s annual developers conference. Last year, WWDC sold out in a record 10 hours, while in 2010 it took Apple 8 days to sell all of the tickets.”

Last year I had the pleasure of attending my first WWDC. This year it wasn’t in the cards, which is OK, I have a new business to build.

It’s incredible that in three short years we’ve gone from 8 days to sell all the tickets to two hours. I’m not sure it can sell out any faster?


  1. The demand for these conferences is getting crazy. I’ve been to the last two Google I/O and tried to register again this year, but didn’t get through.

    From a supply & demand viewpoint, both of these could probably double their rates and really rake it in 🙂

  2. Brian,

    Long time no hear! I think we’ll see some changes next year, but I have no idea what to expect. Then again, it’s Apple, they may leave things as they are.

    Some people are getting email telling them their orders have been cancelled because a person is only allowed to purchase a single ticket.

    Not so good.

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