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Christchurch Quake

CNN: “One of New Zealand’s largest cities lay in ruins Tuesday night after a powerful earthquake killed at least 65 people, toppled buildings and left scores trapped beneath chunks of concrete.”

Of course those of us that follow someone from New Zealand heard about it on Twitter long before the news had stories. Layton Duncan lived through the disaster and has been tweeting and posting pictures and video ever since. Including a shot of his destroyed office.

Browse Layton’s pictures:

Just sad

Mother Jones [via Bradley Fitzhenry]: “Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge, even after all the warnings, looks worse than I imagined. Pools of oil black and deep stretch down the beach; when cleanup workers drag their rakes along an already-cleaned patch of sand, more auburn crude oozes up. Beneath the surface lie slimy washed-up globules that, one worker says, are ‘so big you could park a car on them.'”

Man. I just don’t know what to say about this stuff. It’s tragic on so many levels.BP, and you thought Katrina was bad.