This site is written and produced by Rob Fahrni.


  • Apple Macintosh – I use Macintosh computers. We have quite a few of them floating around the house.
  • Acorn – I’m no artist, but for the occasional image tweak I use Acorn, the image editor for humans.
  • Visio – Ah, yes, this may seem a bit strange since I use Macintosh computers, but Visio is a great diagramming program. Drag, Drop, Done.
  • – Yep, ssh and scp are my friends.
  • Transmit – Panic’s wonderful FTP, and then some, application.
  • Coda – Also from Panic. I use this for creating simple pages. Hey, I’m not a web designer, so they have to be simple.

Server Side

  • Dream Host – My web host. I like them. Give them a try.
  • WordPress – My publishing platform. WordPress is very powerful and highly extensible.
  • – My custom URL shortening service. Check out YOURLS if you’d like to roll your own.


The artwork on this site has been produced by various artists over its’ lifetime. There are a few folks I’d like to call out.

  • Kevin Medeiros – Kevin is a great guy and has an even better eye for design. Over the years he’s contributed a few header graphics, the most recent was the Turkey Core.
  • Erik Kochackis – Strange name, great illustrator. Erik is the original artist of my collection of Apple Core’s.
  • John Norton – Besides being a great illustrator, John is also the creator of Nortoons, and the Comic Core.