Working from home

A wonderful bouquet of flowers.Reddit: “The space ship is all inhuman open workspace. The only people who like this kind of environment are managers — because it is cheap — and extroverts — because it allows them to leech energy off of others so much more easily. But it is a soul-killing nightmare.”

A lot of the comments in that Reddit thread really hit home, no pun intended. I really enjoy working from home. No commute time, quite, I have great control over my environment, and it’s super easy to dial someone up on Zoom if I need to do a “hallway chat” so many company execs quote as important to work. I honestly believe my focused problem solving time has improved being at home. Sometimes those all important hallway conversations happen right next to you if you’re in an open office space. I’m not easily distracted but if I do get distracted it can cause me to lose my train of thought and have trouble getting it back.

“The fortune 100 I’m working for fits this description. They are against full remote because ‘culture’ and ‘hallway talk’. I think its just because the company has money tied up in their expensive office buildings.The return to work plan seems to constantly be changing as their deadline to begin hybrid approaches in September.”

It’s not for everyone. Some folks love being at the office and that’s perfectly fine. I don’t mind going in but I prefer being at home. It’s a simple matter really.

“Even the best office culture can’t beat affordable housing and a comfy commute.”

Oh, working from home doesn’t mean I’m being lazy. It can have the opposite affect. I’ve been working from home for years. When I started I’d often spend too much time working. It’s easy to go down that rabbit hole when you slide into focused mode. I’ve learned to balance things as I’ve gotten older – either at home or at work.

These days I value my time. It’s the only thing we really have, isn’t it?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer