The Demagogue in Chief

The election wasn’t rigged. Donald Trump lost. It’s that simple.

Donald Trump, liar.Back in 2016 when he was elected I was stunned, in disbelief, like many Americans. How could we have elected such a knucklehead? The man is famous for what? Being famous, that’s what. There’s zero substance to him. He made it because his daddy, the original Trump grifter, kept him afloat. If he’d ventured out on his own without that support he’d be a nobody, just like most of us.

As it is daddy did back him. He gave him some cash to get started, $1MM apparently, and bought a bunch of chips from his faltering casino to keep it afloat.

That didn’t work and in the end Trump took a 1-billion dollar bath. The dude fails all the time and people continue to give him money.

I do have to give him this. He is one of the best grifters of all time.

To say he’s some sort of business genius is about 1/2 right. He’s good at the grift, which has poured lots and lots of money into his pockets, but he can’t really run a successful business. He claims to be a billionaire but we have no transparency into that. He more likely work a few million dollars given his huge debt. Although he is fixing that by asking his supporters to send him money.

The man would lie, set his children on fire, and shoot his wife, no questions asked if he could make a few bucks from it. I suspect Melania will divorce the man soon after he leaves office. Who knows which of the kids will end up serving some time in a state prison. Guess we’ll find out.

Anywho. Enough of that. Let’s get back to the rigged election. Back in 2015, as early as August of that year, Trump had already started his “the election is rigged” talk. Imagine his surprise when he won. He didn’t go on a rant claiming it was rigged. No, he won, why would he? This is where the lying and grift enter the picture. How do you get all of your supporters fired up? Well you tell them their vote didn’t matter because some force has rigged the election. We haven’t entered aliens rigged it phase yet, I’m sure we’ll get there at some point. So, your white supremacist, QAnon loving, knuckleheads back your play. IT WAS RIGGED! THE DEMOCRATS RIGGED THE ELECTION!

Trump stated in 2016 the election was rigged.

No. They didn’t. You’re just pissed off because your demagogue was voted out of office. I understand that feeling. The day after the 2016 election I had to leave work because it made me physically ill to think how much Trump was going to screw up the country. He did. Luckily we all survived to get him out.

Joe Biden won the 2020 election, fair and square.

I’m looking forward to having a compassionate, intelligent, science believing, leader in the White House surrounded by people that know what they’re doing and care for our country. The Trump grift will continue but at least it won’t be at our expense any longer.

Development Life

This is me

A wonderful boquet of flowers. No Jedi: “ I’ve noticed many times that a developer as senior as I am — now with 40 years writing code on Apple computers — is assumed by newer developers to be a kind of Jedi. As if I’m on intimate terms with every API in every framework; as if I’m deeply learned in every single tool, from Git to Jenkins to AppFigures; as if I know how to make App Store Connect sit up straight and mind its manners”

This is me. Every single day.


Spotify doesn’t have podcasts

Recode by Vox: “Spotify wants to own the podcasting space, and it’s made that clear with a series of high-profile acquisitions and deals over the past two years — including the Ringer, Gimlet, Joe Rogan, and, most recently, Megaphone. Its next goal: get more of its 300 million users to start listening to podcasts.”

I wish folks would stop calling what they serve up Podcasts. A Podcast uses open standards and provides an RSS feed you can subscribe to.

So, Spotify, please stop calling your audio talk shows podcasts.

Apple iPhone

iPhone 12 Review

I didn’t get an iPhone 12.

Instead I decided to save a few bucks and went with an iPhone 11 instead. In glorious purple!

What do I think about it? Glad you asked.

It’s fast! I’ve been using an iPhone 7 as my daily driver so this phone feels amazing.

The display is absolutely beautiful. Seeing everything edge to edge is sweet. I really love how Stream looks on it.

Face ID is really nice. It’s not like Touch ID was bad but this is definitely faster, unless you’re wearing a mask. That’s ok. I really like it.

I really struggled trying to figure out what to buy. I considered the iPhone SE (second gen), iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 12.

The second gen iPhone SE was tempting because of the price. It’s using the iPhone 7/8 form factor with updated guts and the starting price is $399. That’s really hard to beat.

The comparison between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 was tough. I love the design of the 12. It takes me back to my favorite iPhone design, the iPhone 4. The square edges, that sandwich look, is beautiful to by eyes. The iPhone 11 is also beautifully designed and I liked the color selection better than the 12 color selection. Both phones are larger and much faster than my iPhone 7.

The iPhone Mini really messed with my head. I was leaning toward this phone for most of the time I was considering what to buy. Great design, edge to edge display, fast, good camera, and it’s much smaller in the hand. I was considering the Product Red model but the blue on the Mini is fantastic.

In the end the lower priced iPhone 11 in purple won out.

I also put it in a case day one. While I love the feel of the naked device I’ve broken two screens over the years and I’ve only had four iPhones over that period of time. I cracked the screen on my beloved iPhone 4 and the same with my iPhone 7. Believe it or not the toughest phone I’ve ever owned was my green iPhone 5c. That thing hit the ground a few times and never cracked.

I’m a fan of Unicorn Beetle cases so I picked up a MetallicPurple Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case to protect it. I love it.

Do I regret getting an iPhone 11 instead of an iPhone 12? Not one bit. It’s a marvelous piece of hardware.

Government Life

Four long years

Jared Sinclair: “The plan was simple: wander until I encountered a bar. Any bar. It didn’t take long to stumble into one. Cramped inside, a handful of patrons. The horror show glared at us from the TV hanging under a drop-tile ceiling. Inescapable. What’re you gonna do.”

I recall the gut wrenching feeling I had that night when I realized we were going to be stuck with this clown for four long years. The next day I had to leave work because I was sick to my stomach. Yes, the election did it.

Heck, I was so confident I made a blog post predicting the outcome for Hillary Clinton. Not doing that again.

Government Politics

Let’s dump this clown!

Let's dump this clown

Dear leader has taken to telling the Supreme Court they’ll essentially become a joke if Joe Biden is our next President. It’s a kind of threat. Dude is a knucklehead. He really has to go.

Also, wouldn’t be amazing if Trump fled after losing the election? That would be glorious. 🤞🏼

Development Indie iOS RSS Stream

Stream 1.0

Hayseed: “Stream is a different take on feed readers. It displays your feeds in a timeline, similar to Twitter.”

Yes, I finally shipped Stream 1.0!

The response has been so overwhelming, not in a OMG 100,000 people downloaded it, more of OMG the Mac and iOS community are so supportive. When I started on Stream I was really excited to share it with everyone. Over time that enthusiasm waned because it was taking so long to finish. I worked on it an hour here an hour there over the course of two years. Yes, two years.

I’ve received some really excellent feedback via Twitter and email. I hope that continues and I hope to incorporate some, if not all, of that feedback into Stream, but it could take quite a long time before I’m able to do it. I just want to get that out there. Stream is a labor of love. If I could make a living from it I would definitely pump out features at a much quicker pace. Please bear with me.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. It means loads to me.


The NetNewsWire team continues to crush it!

NetNewsWire 5.1 for Mac


If Charlottesville is always this wonderful in the fall, then fall would make the perfect summer. Cool mornings, highs in the 70s-80s, sunny.

It’s just beautiful here. 🍁🎃

Apple Indie iOS

I didn’t withdraw from the program. They withdrew me. 😂