We’re not there yet

Prospect Magazine: “Maggie Benedict and Jinx Drda from suburban St Louis were also greatly disappointed to hear Huckabee had bowed out of the presidential race. They’ve always voted but it wasn’t until Obama’s victory that they became more active in politics.

“It’s the first time I’ve felt the president wasn’t a true American,” Maggie says. “And that he wants to become a dictator. We didn’t like seeing him get elected because of his race.”

Emphasis is mine.

We still live in a divided, hate filled, America.

Don’t even try to defend this, it’s indefensible hatred. To make matters worse these are supposed to be Christians. Ever wonder why people think Christians are a bunch of holier-than-thou hypocrites? There’s one reason. Not very Christlike is it?


What a pair

The Raw Story: “In this corner, a libertarian, tea party hero who ran several campaigns as a candidate for US president on the Republican ticket. And in that corner, a progressive icon of the left who also ran several campaigns for the US presidency but on the Green Party ticket.”

Interesting couple, don’t you think? I like Ron Paul and wish more Republicans were like him. I hope these guys are able to rattle a few cages.


Bush vs. Moore

The Guardian: “Whatever else WikiLeaks may have revealed, one fact has been repeatedly confirmed: the US government under George Bush really loathed the documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.”

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Life Politics


Coloradoan: “Just last week, a bipartisan group appointed by the President called our national debt a ‘cancer’ that is threatening our country from within,” Udall, a Democrat, said in a statement Tuesday. “As I’ve said for many years, our looming debt is perhaps the greatest challenge to our economy and our national security. Now, exactly four days later, we are being asked by the president to add $900 billion to that debt over the next two years.”

I feel sorry for our children, and I’m really miffed at President Obama, but the GOP has nothing better to offer and Bill Clinton can’t run for President again.

What’s a nation to do?