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Have a Boorito

Chipotle: “This Halloween, we’re celebrating family farms and their dedication to the land they live on and the delicious food they produce. To join in on the party, come into any Chipotle on Halloween from 6 pm to closing dressed in a costume inspired by the family farm and we’ll hook you up with a burrito, bowl, salad, or an order of tacos made with responsibly raised ingredients for just $2.”

Hey, who doesn’t love a nice barbacoa burrito, and you support local farmers while you’re at it. It’s a win-win!


A job we won’t do

CNN: “Gary is starting to catch on to the work, but admits the work is not only physically exhausting; it’s also tedious and monotonous. As the day draws to a close, a large truck comes through the work area and starts picking up the boxed grapes. It’s the end of a long tiring day and while many workers will be back here tomorrow, none of us could imagine doing this every day.”

Welcome to The San Joaquin Valley guys, great story.