My brother, the cloud guy

Jerry Fahrni: “The installation went very well. I didn’t have a single problem, which is why I’m creating this blog post on my tablet with a freshly installed Windows 7 OS. Of course I didn’t even attempt an upgrade from Windows XP Pro because it just wasn’t an option. And because I practice what I preach I had almost nothing to re-install once Windows 7 was up and running on the tablet. It’s all about the cloud making my life easier.” – I guess my brother’s obsession with web services is really paying off.

Jay, what’s up with the creepy desktop wallpaper? I hope you swapped that out?


  1. I love that desktop wallpaper! Reminds me of the Michelin Man or the giant Stay Puft Marshmellow Man from Ghost Busters. Cool.

    Thanks for the help with Win 7.

  2. I thought you’d switch to a Transformer, or something? 🙂

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