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No iPad for testing?

Scobleizer: “Even the app developers never had their hands on iPads (I talked with several developers, even at “hot” companies like Evernote, while waiting in line, and they had to develop their apps without even seeing an iPad) so the marketplace couldn’t tell them before it shipped just how hot this would be.” – What company would do that? Yep, only Apple would feel confident enough in their simulator to not get beta units to developers. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a company doing this. I’d love to know how many applications that appeared on day one required bug fixes right away? Does anyone have any data on this?

By Rob Fahrni

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Microsoft is doing the same thing with Windows Phone 7. They have a dev environment with a full phone emulator running in an ad-hoc VM. Myself and other attendees of the MIX 10 conference in Vegas last month were expecting phones and were sadly disappointed. It’s probably a combination of cost to give away thousands of units plus supply.

Yeah, I can see the cost being prohibitive, it is interesting they actually took apps without ever being tested on the actual device. Very un-Apple’ish if you ask me.

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