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The end of Microsoft? “We are fully entrenched in the world of Cloud 2. Smart phones that run apps have replaced PCs. We are mobile. We touch, not click. We are social, not siloed. Our location is known, not anonymous. We know more about what our friends are doing than our own employees, and sometimes our own families. Facebook, Apple, and a new generation of technologies are defining our daily experiences. The old model looks older every day as it tries to hold on in a last gasp of updates based on stability instead of innovation.” – Never count Microsoft out, to do that would be a huge mistake. They still have money, lots of money. Sure, they’re down, remember that’s when animals are the most dangerous, when they’re down and hurt. They’ll learn from Apple and Google and Facebook, or they’ll eventually be a line item in a history book, but isn’t that an inevitable fate of all companies? The world continues to change around us at a frightening pace. Does anyone remember when MySpace was the second coming? Yeah, me neither. Look at some of Apple’s recent moves. No more Apple Developer Awards for desktop developers. That move leaves you going “Hmmmmmm, wonder what that means?” Apple knows where they’re headed, the future, and they’re helping to define it. They’re becoming the new Goliath while Microsoft slips into the background. Question is, who will dethrone Apple? Yes, I believe it’ll happen, just as it did with Microsoft and IBM before them. Of course I’m not betting against them, I’ve become an Apple Fanboy, but they’ll eventually make a mistake like Microsoft did before them, and IBM did before Microsoft. I only wish I could figure out who’s going to take their place?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer