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Verizon and Apple

John Gruber: “Verizon wants the iPhone. It’s a popular and profitable phone; iPhone users pay high monthly service fees. AT&T’s current iPhone exclusivity is its biggest, maybe even only, advantage against Verizon. AT&T’s plans aren’t cheaper, and their service quality is infamously worse. If Verizon had the iPhone, surely many current AT&T customers would switch. And, some number of existing Verizon customers who would have switched to AT&T just to get the iPhone would instead stay with Verizon. Simply put, a Verizon iPhone would be terrible for AT&T. That’s reason enough for Verizon to want it.”

I think the iPhone would be gigantor on Verizon. Not only would some people switch, but existing Verizon customers would buy like crazy.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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Agreed. Obvs. I cannot believe Apple is sticking with exclusivity for AT&T… They would sell so many more iPhones if they opened it up to all carriers…

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