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We ❤ Choice

Adobe: “We believe open markets that allow developers, publishers, and consumers to make their own choices about how they create, distribute, and access content are essential to progress. That’s why we actively support technologies like HTML4, HTML5, CSS, and H.264, in addition to our own technologies.”

I love Adobe, and Adobe products, but… and there’s always a but, the article talks about openness and freedom, and yes all those technologies called out are open, but I still don’t get the article.

It’s about freedom, right? Here’s a fact for you. Developers have the freedom to choose to develop for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad by choosing to use Apple’s development tools. They also have the freedom to choose to not use those tools and not develop for the platform.

I don’t get it guys, I really don’t.

Flash changed the web experience, admit it. Like other technologies before it, it opened the door, opened eyes, and led to a new standard that is poised to supplant it.

The other thing you have to remember is Adobe can run Flash on a bazillion other platforms. If those platforms, running Flash, start to outsell, or cause Apple to start losing market share, they’ll change their tune.

The Free FreeHand folks have something to say about freedom.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

5 replies on “We ❤ Choice”

you forgot two very important choices…

Developers have the freedom to choose to use a tool that helps them easily develop applications that look like crap on a stick.

OS/HW vendors have the freedom to choose to keep applications that look like crap on a stick as far away from their users as possible, lest the users equate said stick and associated crap with their otherwise fine products.

I hate to use the automotive comparison, but I’m sure that Mercedes would love to find a way to keep people from putting “spinners” on cars carrying their marque, no matter how popular they are(were).

I think I’m gonna build an iPhone app called “crap on a stick” and see how many copies I can sell… Assuming, of course, I can get it past those app store approval Nazis. No worries: “crap on a stick lite” will be free as in beer.

David, that’s a great idea! I’ll help, if you want some. 🙂 It should be a simple game. So, you have a name, question is, what do you do with the “crap on a stick?”

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