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iPhone in Business “Thomas uses Voice Memos to make notes to himself about particular sections of the vineyard, and he takes video to help convey his impressions to people on his staff. “And,” he says, “the GPS is accurate enough that I can mark a spot, take a picture, and send an email with a note saying what I think needs to be done with this particular section of the vineyard—or even this particular vine.” “

Yep, the iPhone has changed the game. When I read a story like this I always wonder what they did before the iPhone? I also wonder if they’ve created an app to help them on the winery? What about the iPad? Very cool stuff.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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You know this isn’t specific to the iPhone. All the above can be done with the current selection of Android smartphones; in fact most smartphones in general.

I use my DROID with Evernote to record ideas when driving. My brain often kicks in during my commute to and from work. Voice memos are an effective way to get them documented before I forget. The nice feature of Evernote is the cloud storage. I can immediately pull the message up on my PC when I get home, or from any computer with internet access.

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