iPhone Life

iPhone 4, when dropped?

Gizmodo: “Everything was great in my little world—I was in Times Square with my shiny new iPhone 4. And then the inevitable happened—or what, I imagine, we’ll come to think of as the inevitable. I tried to do the little trick where you hold the iPhone 4 just with your left hand and all your bars drop away until you have no service. Note to readers: Don’t do this in a crowded intersection during rush hour. I felt my phone slip from my awkwardly positioned fingers—it hung for a moment at the end of my ear bud cord, like a bungee jumper moments before his cord snaps—and then I painfully watched as it tumbled over the curb in a sudden whirl of annihilation. The back glass panel shattered, and so did my heart. OK, that may be a little melodramatic…but I am really upset.”

Is this karma? You be the judge. Remember, Gizmodo was in possession of a stolen iPhone 4 for a week.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer