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The little language that could

Ansca Mobile Blog: “In the past few days, thousands of developers have been dissecting the application bundles of top-selling App Store games. What they found was that many top-selling apps embed Lua, such as the top-5 selling app Diner Dash (which has an entire folder of uncompiled Lua script files, i.e. the raw source, inside the application bundle) and the international #1 selling app Angry Birds (which also contains multiple .lua files) just to name a few. Even Tapulous’ #1-selling family of Tap Tap Revenge apps — perhaps the most well-known apps in the history of the iPhone App Store and featured onstage by Steve Jobs himself at the OS 4.0 launch — embed Lua.”

If you’re a developer looking for a nice cross platform scripting language, Lua may do the trick.

Even Adobe’s heaving hitting Lightroom is partially Lua, that’s saying something.

If you’re a Mac, or iPhone, or iPad developer, check out Gus Mueller’s wrapper around Lua, LuaCore.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer