KIN, you didn’t stand a chance

The Register: “Redmond told its workers (the official headcount comes in around 87,000 people worldwide) that each and every last one of ’em would soon be fondling their very own Windows 7 phone, which is set to officially launch in October.”

Man, what kind of message is that to the KIN team? “Yeah, we don’t care about that silly little phone you just finished.”

I wonder how many ‘Softies will continue to use their iPhone and Droid based phones?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

2 replies on “KIN, you didn’t stand a chance”

The Kin was never intended to be used by people working at Microsoft, so I don’t take that as a bad message to the Kin team at all. Lots of people here work on products that are not intended for them. Maybe that’s a source of problems, but someone needs to make products for people who are not tech enthusiasts.

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