Apple vs. Magazine Publishers

All Things Digital: “So what happened? The Time Inc. insiders I talked to don’t have a clear answer, presumably because they can’t get one from Apple itself. One theory: Apple is concerned about the publisher’s plans for the consumer data it would collect with each subscription. A darker one: Steve Jobs loves the idea of digital magazines and wants to control the market for himself.”

This has antitrust written all over it.

By Rob Fahrni

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Umm, not really. To trigger that, the iPad would have to own a controlling position in the market. Given the youth of the tablet/pad/slate market, I think it’s a bit early to make that claim


We’re talking about lawyers here. 🙂 They manage to pursue some screwy stuff. Like you’re a fan of pointing out with the RIAA nutters.

Maybe not antitrust, but I can’t imagine Time, or any other publisher, being happy with this. Then again, how do Kindle books/magazines get distributed? Only via Amazon, is that correct?

This may be nothing.

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