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That doesn’t sell me

Watch out! It's a blog fly!Gigaom: “Again, Android is far from perfect, but it offers developers some pleasantries that iOS, and more to the point, Apple, doesn’t provide. Android development is done in Java, as opposed to Apple’s once-obscure Objective C. Java may be old-school, but it’s still a primary development platform for a wide swath of developers, particularly in enterprise IT, which does a great deal of the world’s application development.”

Wow, you’re selling Java as a good reason to switch to Android? Strike one, two, and three. Java? Really? I’d rather use Go to be perfectly honest, or how about C#/.NET (via Mono), that would go a long way toward selling the platform for me. Ok, ok, Java isn’t really that bad, but there are better choices today.

I also love that you mention Joe Hewitt, I’m sure Joe is a nice guy, but he has a strange sense of what “Big Brother” means. Doesn’t he work for Facebook? The worlds biggest “Big Brother.”

Seriously, no offense to Joe, I just don’t agree with him, that’s all. I love the iOS platform and wish I could make a living doing nothing but applications for it. In fact, I’d jump at the chance. Mobile is too much fun!

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer