If its sacred, don’t build there

Michael Moore: “I now wish they would just build a 111-story mosque there. That would be better than the lame and disgusting way the developer has left Ground Zero an empty hole until recently. The remains of over 1,100 people still haven’t been found. That site is a sacred graveyard, and to be building another monument to commerce on it is a sacrilege. Why wasn’t the entire site turned into a memorial peace park? People died there, and many of their remains are still strewn about, all these years later.”

You may, or may not, agree with Mr. Moore’s political views, but he makes a fair point. If the World Trade Center land is sacred, why are we building on it? Forget the community center blocks away. Why aren’t “American Patriots” up in arms over the new construction on the very site 2600 plus lost their lives?

I’ll tell you why. Some people just live their lives in fear. They have to be scare of something. Today that something is the “scary” Muslim.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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Not exactly, Rob. Whether you, or anyone else chooses to believe it, the jihadists will take the construction of a Mosque in that vicinity as a political win. That’s reality; the rest is just attempts to explain that away.

The right answer would have been to rebuild the two towers as quickly as possible. What we see instead is the current state of regulation in the US – it’s virtually impossible to get anything done because the regulatory regime throws up too many hurdles, and lets too many people throw sand into the gears. That’s true all over; the ground zero site is just the most visible manifestation of that.


I agree we should’ve built as soon as was reasonably possible as a big EFF U to the nuts out there.

I know where you stand on the jihadist situation, and I understand the desire for revenge, but I just can’t being myself to paint everyone with such a broad brush.

We’ve had way too many different religions do horrible thing in the name of God, an ultimately that evil falls. If it’s really as bad as you believe it to be, and we have jihadist blowing themselves up in downtown New York, you can trust I’m man enough to admit I was wrong. Until then I have to believe there is still good in Islam.

Actually, my take on the situation is that we should just not involve ourselves. Short of a Crusade, which I really don’t want to see, I don’t think a military solution is possible. Better, IMHO, to go back to a pre-1912 foreign policy, and just bomb the crap out of countries that attack, or fund attacks. We shouldn’t bother getting involved in nation building.

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