Bob Inglis is right “Why do I have to see Democrats as my enemies? I’ve got Al Qaeda. I’ve got the Taliban. I’ve got enough enemies. I’m supposed to call this President despicable? The people who are despicable are the ones who constantly mislead the public in the interest of selling books. Or themselves. And always cloaking themselves in patriotism. Shame on them.”

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

3 replies on “Bob Inglis is right”

I have to wonder what his opinion was circa 2006, when the people who hated Bush were at least as nasty.

I’d hazard a guess that he was fine with that.


That would surprise me given he’s a Republican. A true conservative.

What leads you to believe he would be ok with it? I don’t know that much about the man.

Because I’ve seen too many “true conservatives” turn out to be poseurs out to fool (successfully, it seems) the MSM.

Politics has always been this way. Burr and Hamilton dueled over their differences, so to assert that it’s worse today is uneducated at best.

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