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Wired: “So down, in fact, that the web search titan just dropped $1.9 billion to acquire one of the largest and most historic buildings in all of the Big Apple. At nearly 3 million square feet, 111 Eighth Avenue, the former Port Authority building, sits like a beached, red-brick cruise ship overlooking New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The building is so big, in fact, that it has elevators large enough to accommodate 18-wheel semi-trucks.”

What’s the Big G up to? There’s a lot of fiber running into the building. Makes you go hmmmm? Especially with the recent Net Neutrality announcement that called out Google Android. (Which made zero sense.)

Hey, LEVEL could use some new space, I wonder if we could sneak the entire company into the building without them noticing?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer