Windows Phone

Justin Williams: “Windows Phone 7 doesn’t inherit any of that legacy and really is a whole new experience. It’s so different, in fact, that it doesn’t feel like anything ‘Windows’ I’ve ever used before. Microsoft might have done themselves some
favors by giving it a whole new naming scheme away from the Windows brand.”

A wreathed gas lamp in the snow.A pretty fair review from a man that develops for Mac and iOS. As a developer it’s interesting to see how Justin feels about Visual Studio. It’s how I feel about Xcode. Xcode is super nice, but I just can’t get used to Interface Builder. He also had some words to share about his attempt at Android development, not stellar, but I wouldn’t expect that from someone that’s used to using great tools to do their job. Both Microsoft and Apple provide superior development tools. Android is going to be a bit more work, more hackerish.

On Android: “Truth be told, I had fun with the Windows Phone SDK. Whereas the Android tools and APIs frustrated me to no end, I had little trouble picking up Windows Phone and translating many of the paradigms and lessons I’ve learned on the Apple platform to Microsoft’s.”

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer