Old Fresno Brewing Co.

Historical Perspectives: [hat tip Derek Scharton]“Just as the office is a monument to a different era, the brewery that used to reside at the foot of M Street once was a vast testament to a burgeoning city. Built in 1900, it became the largest brewery in the Valley, employing 1,000 workers and pumping out enough beer to help quench the thirsts within the city’s 50 saloons.”

The Great Valley had some amazing businesses at one time. The article is beautifully written and worth a read. Make sure you check out the collection of pictures at the bottom.

By Rob Fahrni

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Nice photos. I like old architecture styles, and I think it is sad that our country tears down old buildings just for the sake of updating appearance.

… at 3 1/2 cents per bottle – if the price stood today, I could put back a LOT of beer. 🙂


At one time Fresno had an absolutely beautiful downtown. For some reason Fresno city decided it would be a good idea to destroy a lot of it and rebuild with a more modern architecture. Big mistake in my humble opinion. The brewery building is absolutely beautiful and I love the craftsmanship and TLC put into it.

I would love to see someone revive it and rename it slightly, I think Old Fresno Brewing Company would be fitting.

Brewing isn’t lost in Fresno by the way. Tioga-Sequoia makes some pretty darned tasty beer. I’ve had their Tamarak and General Sherman IPA. Both are very good.

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