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Rob Fahrni, binary formLoic Le Meur: “How do you think it will evolve? One platform will win? When html5 is good enough apps will die and web based on all devices will win? How many appstores will we have to register our app to?”

I say ‘No’ because I don’t think a web browser can beat a native application. The web is definitely a least common denominator way to reach an audience and give them a taste of what’s possible, but if you want a rich, and deep, experience nothing beats native. Most mobile applications tend to be fairly shallow, not all, but most. That leads to the question Loic is posing. His products are fairly shallow (that’s not an insult, just an observation) so an HTML 5 version may be plenty “good enough” to satisfy his users.

I for one would go off and write a native app because that’s how I roll. I’m a native snob.

By Rob Fahrni

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