Windows Jumps the Shark

Within Windows: “In Windows 8, Ribbon usage is accelerating again, and Microsoft’s next major OS will include this UI in the most visible of all possible places, Windows Explorer. In early builds of Windows 8, this Ribbon UI is only half-finished and, frankly, of dubious value. In fact, based on the divergent ways in which various related UI elements are repeated around the window frame, we get the idea that the use of the Ribbon in Explorer is, in fact, quite controversial inside the halls of Microsoft’s Redmond campus.”

I honestly hope this is an April Fools joke, but somehow I don’t think it is. I’m one of those curmudgeons that thinks the Ribbon is hideous and one of the worst things Microsoft ever did to Office.

Good thing I like keyboard shortcuts.

By Rob Fahrni

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Are there really any power users that use Explorer for file management? The only reason I ever use it is via Win-E to see how many and how full the disks are on the machine. Otherwise, I’m copying with Robocopy, managing files with PowerShell, and even my photos all live in Lightroom where I would be in trouble if I used Explorer to rename, delete, or move them, so all the photo file management happens inside that tool.

The ribbon is a useful feature for novices and it’s easy to collapse and hide it if you don’t want it.


You’re absolutely right. I don’t spend a lot of time using the tools “regular folks” do. This move is not targeted at me.

Fair point.

Although you would be surprised how many experienced users I see here at work using Windows Explorer for all kinds of file management stuff. Just because you have a mouse doesn’t mean you should use it for everything….

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