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Just a little dramatic

A wonderful boquet of flowers.Joe Hewitt: “The Web will be just another app that you use when you want to find some information, like Wikipedia, but it will no longer be your primary window. The Web will no longer be the place for social networks, games, forums, photo sharing, music players, video players, word processors, calendaring, or anything interactive. Newspapers and blogs will be replaced by Facebook and Twitter and you will access them only through native apps. HTTP will live on as the data backbone used by native applications, but it will no longer serve those applications through HTML. Freedom of information may be restricted to whatever our information overlords see fit to feature on their App Market Stores.”

I’m mostly ok with most of what Mr. Hewitt has to say in this post. Native clients are still provide the best shot at a great User Experience, in my humble opinion. The web in all its glory is just a network, why not use it? I don’t care if the browser is my default window, why would I? It provides a lowest common denominator experience, not the best experience.

It sounds like he wants a web browser with the power of a desktop application. Why not just write desktop applications? Is it because he wants a common host? Maybe, maybe not?

It also seems like Mr. Hewitt is a glass half empty sort of fella. Most of his recent posts seem, at least to me, to be all gloom and doom. It’s not that bad, really, it’s not.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer