Empty Nesters

A wonderful boquet of flowers.A Final Beginning??: “Our girls have finally left the house, so maybe this is “empty nest” syndrome. While I miss them desperately, I find myself at a standstill. I feel that my life was so wrapped up in my children that, through no fault of their own, I am now at a complete loss as to what to do. I know I have many contributions that would benefit the right situation. I know I’d be a good worker,a good friend. I am just at a loss how to achieve this.”

We knew this day would come, but we’ve always enjoyed having our girls around. They make us happy. Now that Haileigh is married and living in Arizona with her hubby and Bug is off at school we don’t get to see them as much. Couple that with a new job for me and moving to a different part of California makes for a huge shakeup in life.

I’ve struggled with living in San Luis Obispo a bit. I love the place, I really do, but I sometimes think we’ve had so many changes, all at once, that we’re still trying to settle.

We’ll get through this, we always do. It’s been an interesting year.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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I get that. Our daughter went off to college this year (we only have one child) – she was the main cook around here. When she comes home, she gets to enjoy her own home cooking 🙂

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