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AHHHHHH!Robert Scoble (on Google+, not his weblog, like it should be): “So, why do I keep posting on Google+ and not on my blog? Well, I like the competition between Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.”

I skip 99.999% of Robert’s posts these days, because he uses Google+. It’s a philosophical thing. This content should be posted to his weblog.

Anyway, this is one of those rare occasions when I actually clicked on the link. I think it’s a great piece. He points out some glaring holes in Google+.

Oh, and Robert, start using your weblog again. Why give your content to Google? It just doesn’t make sense.

By Rob Fahrni

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Also, Google+ is blocked at many workplaces (so’s Facebook and Twitter), so there’s quite a few Techmeme/HackerNews posts that are impossible to read at work. (Most tech blogs aren’t blocked).

I think half the fascination with Google+ for people with lots of followers (e.g Linus posts semi-interesting stuff to his Google+ page from time to time) is that it gives people a relatively clean, vetted discussion board with “real” people, i.e. not trolls — without much effort. (Ditto for Facebook except that it seems to be less optimised for long blocks of text.)


If you want a vetted conversation, why not post it to your own weblog, where you control the content, and the comments?

I see Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ as connectors. Facebook and Google+ want to be the center of your universe. My universe is centered at my weblog and branches out from there.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do value them.

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