RSS Rivers

Dave Winer: “But there is another kind of aggregator, river of news, and its needs are pretty simple, compared to the Google Reader approach which requires synchronization among different clients. If I had the time here’s the software I would write.”

Radio UserLandMost of the links I tap, or click on, these days originate on Twitter. What Dave has always been a proponent of is an RSS feed in the style of Twitter. In fact I’m pretty certain Radio, one of Dave’s products, presented feeds in that very format. The mailbox style “you have 2.3 million unread feeds” is not necessarily the best way to view things. It leaves me feeling like I need to read everything to get caught up. I don’t feel this need in Twitter. I just scan tweets quickly and send links to Pocket for reading later. Why not do that with RSS feeds? I wish I had the time, I’d build it.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer