Apps I Use Most

AHHHHHH!I’m not into year end posts or making resolutions, so I thought I’d share a list of apps I use daily, on my phone. Inspired by M.G. Siegler.

  • Twitterrific – My favorite app on my iPhone and iPad. I also use it on my Mac. The fine folks at Iconfactory make great software.
  • Riposte – A client for Alpha/App.Net. Since Twitter has clamped down on third party clients App.Net clients are where great UI/UX is happening.
  • Path – What a great replacement for the disaster that is Facebook.
  • Pocket – This is a “read later” app. I prefer it to others, there are a few that compete in the space. I think they’ve done a great job with the UI.
  • Fantasrical – A great replacement for the mess in iOS 7 called Calendar. The recent update includes reminders support. Another great indie shop, Flexibits.
  • Malt – I use a fun image service called mlkshk. Malt is a great iOS client. It’s fairly new and the developer is top notch.
  • Evernote – My note taking service of choice. My electronic brain.
  • Launch Center Pro – Another indie shop; Contrast.
  • WordPress for iOS – I’m using it to compose this post, nuff said.
  • Elixr – A specialty app for keeping track of your adult beverages. Beautifully designed and fun. Made by the folks that brought us Tumblr for iOS and Instapaper for Android; Mobelux. Great shop.
  • Interesting – From Designer/Developer Mike Rundle. It’s another way to look at news.
  • Mail – Almost forgot this one! Yes, I use the built in Mail client. Works great.
  • Safari – Apple’s web browser, based on their open source project, WebKit, that forms the core of Chrome as well as Safari. (Yes, I know Google has forked WebCore.)

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer