Family Life


What a morning. I got up at 5AM, got Kim and I some coffee, packed up, and headed for Avis to return our car. One would think that’s a easy process, but in true Fahrni fashion, it wasn’t straight forward. We made to Avis and I realized I forgot to fill it up. So back on the road to hunt down a gas station in an area I’m not familiar with. We found a gas station 10 minutes later, then found our way back to Avis. First goal achieved.

Next stop the L.A. Zoo

No, we didn’t go to the zoo. We were at LAX, but the place is a zoo. You’d think these places would move people through much faster, they don’t. We have a new, very paranoid, system. The TSA makes getting to your flight more difficult that it should be, but we survived. I’d hate to see the porno scan of my body. Poor reviewer.

Away we go

Kim and I like flying Virgin America. That’s why we grabbed a flight out of LAX. We’re on board, settled in, headed for Virginia. We’ll be in the air for just over four hours. Kim will most likely read the entire time, a physical book none the less. I’ll most likely burn through some podcasts I queued up before leaving.


Random observations

While boarding it’s apparent we are a gadget crazed society. Just about every row I passed had at lest one iPad in it and many iPhones. I saw a few Android tablets and one Windows 8.x laptop (using WordPerfect for Windows with Reveal Codes active, remember that? I didn’t know the app still existed.) The remainder of the devices were iOS or Mac.

Additional Randomness

I’m composing this from my trusty iPhone using the WordPress for iOS client. I plan on blogging during the entire trip from this device.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer