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Mobile Apps are Real Applications

RibbitMartian Craft: “Do you want a one bedroom shack for $50,000 or a mega mansion for $2M+ similar to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? As with homes, many clients opt for a starter size for their first app. This allows them to build a solid foundation that will be setup to grow with them for years to come.”

This is another great article on the true cost of mobile app development. No, it’s not the first and probably won’t be the last. As a freelance app developer I have to share this kind of news with folks all the time. I’m sure other developers have these conversations, they go something like this…

Potential Client: “I’d like to build this application.”
Developer: “Ok, let’s talk about your application.”
Potential Client: “I would like this and this and this.” (Of course I’m paraphrasing, the client is obviously excited about their product, as they should be.)
Developer: “Great, what kind of budget do you have?”
Potential Client: “I don’t have a lot to spend, how much would you charge for everything I’ve outlined?”
Developer: “It will take X dollars to develop your app, just a ballpark figure. It could be more, it could be less.”
Potential Client: [Silence. Never heard from again.]

I don’t say this to embarrass anyone. I’m only sharing it because it is true. For every 10 people I speak with about developing an application I may only get one of them to talk to me past this point.

I’m not sure if there is some sort of psychological barrier because these are mobile applications and not taken seriously, or what? In the end this is serious software that takes time, and a lot of effort, to develop.

When you have an idea for a mobile application and need a developer, remember this: Mobile Applications are real software. Think of them as your web site, or that accounting software you use every day, or maybe a word processing package from your favorite software company. Maybe that will help with the sticker shock?

If you need an iOS Application for your business or need a developer to bring that app you’ve always wanted to life. Get in touch, I can help.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

2 replies on “Mobile Apps are Real Applications”

You have a good point there. This also creates a discussion: if you are a startup, not focussed on mohile phones, should you still get an app developed? Money is always an issue in startups, but mobile applications are expensive. Maybe focus on the web first?

Having a mobile application does not automatically create more business or more exposure. For that, the AppStore is way too big.


I agree with you.

I believe the thing to do today is find a niche service people will pay for. Create it first as a web service, meaning design it so you get a service (REST/JSON) and a web site that uses the service endpoint. Once you have that up and running you move to creating your native mobile application(s) to access it. Think DropBox, or the like.

Mobile is just part of the solution.

You may get lucky with a mobile app if you are able to leverage a service created by someone else. I’m thinking of guys like Iconfactory with Twitterrific or Tapbots with Tweetbot.

I’m squeaking out a living doing freelance work for others, but that is not my longterm plan. I feel like a hamster on a wheel, constantly chasing something I’ll never reach. It’s been a real struggle.

We need to stick together and learn from each other to make this work. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation, I really appreciate it.

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