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Vesper Pricing

A wonderful bouquet of flowers.Q Branch: “Now that Vesper supports all iOS device layouts, we’re raising the regular price for the app to $9.99. With fast, reliable, unlimited sync, we think that’s a great value.

I think the idea of a sustainable business is the right way to look at this, but pricing an app at $9.99 isn’t the proper solution. The proper solution is to charge for their “fast, reliable, unlimited sync.” That’s the value, the app is just a way to get to your data.

The idea of apps is wrong footed, it’s about services. Mobile and Web are the two important clients in that equation. Sure, having a native Mac app would be fantastic, but Web is a better choice to spend your time on, especially for a note taking application.

Here’s an example; Evernote. The value of Evernote is the ability to not only take notes, but get to them from Mobile and Web. We pay for the backend service to keep our data secure and easily accessible. At $45 per year it’s a real deal.

A better play for apps like Vesper is an annual subscription service.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer