That’s Life

Medium [“Broken Men And Their Broken System” by Chris Kluwe]: “But why, if the powers that be know that every player is going to transition out of the league at some point; if they know that the odds are against those players, and that almost all of them will end up a tragedy instead of a triumph; why, then, haven’t these multibillion-dollar leagues created and promoted universal support systems to help all players transition from their old lives to their new ones? Why is there no required series of steps upon exiting the game?”

While I was reading this article I caught myself shaking my head, thinking shame on the NFL. Then I caught myself. No doubt the NFL should do something more to teach these guys how to prepare for retirement, but the rest of us Everyday Joe’s have to deal with this too. Nobody takes us through a program designed to prepare us for our eventual retirement. I can’t imagine how tough it must be like to earn millions of dollars over the span of a few years. I wish I had that opportunity. Maybe it’s good to struggle your entire life, then you don’t end up having to deal with this problem.

As for my retirement plans? Easy, it will be a pine box.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer