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Yes, a Medium API would be great

Cameron Barrett [via Medium]: “I love Medium. It’s a fantastic writing tool. I wish, more than anything else, is for Medium to have an API. This would allow for the development of a WordPress plugin, a Drupal module, etc. that would allow Medium to be “the network” you mention above, while still allowing me (the author and copyright holder) the ability to publish on my site/blog first and syndicate out to Medium.”

I find myself reading on Medium more and more. It’s like a really nice RSS reader in a lot of ways and it gives me the River of News I want without the unread count cruft I hate.

Having the ability to publish from here and have it show up in Medium’s feed would be great. Not reposting, just publishing the title and slug, with a link back here is all we need. 

In fact it would be fine if the article is displayed inside of Medium then you could use all of Medium’s awesome annotation tools. Have you used the highlighter yet? It’s incredible, I love it. How about the inline commenting? (Ok, it’s in a sidebar, but you get the picture!) It’s a wonderful platform, with great tools, and it would be great to be able to flow data into it.

Come to think of it, all the need is an RSS from this site to integrate it, right?

By Rob Fahrni

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