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20 years of

Jeffrey Zeldman: “I launched this site twenty years ago (a year before the Wayback Machine, at least two years before Google) and it was one of the only places you could read and learn about web design. I launched at a tilde address (kids, ask your parents), and did not think to register until 1996, because nobody had ever done anything that crazy. “

Happy Birthday! Jeffrey, thanks for 20 years of web design standards. Yours was one of the first websites I discovered, before I knew it was a weblog. I discovered you, Dave Winer, and Evan Williams around the year 2000 and started my own weblog in 2001 as a result.

One thing I’ve always loved about your site is the use of orange! I know you had that greenish period, but I’m glad you came back to orange. I also appreciate the size of the type. Aging eyes and all.

Here’s to 20 more years of Long live the independent weblog!

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer