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OneDrive flaw in Windows 10

Jerry Fahrni: “However, I can see all OneDrive content on each machine regardless of setting; file and folder names appear in online-only status. This all disappeared with the Windows 10 update. Now you have to pick which folders you wish to sync, and if you don’t sync them they don’t show up in your folder structure. That really ticks me off. That was the best feature of OneDrive. Without it there’s no reason to continue using it. Why would Microsoft remove such a useful feature? It defies logic.”

Jerry is not the only person disappointed with this change Paul Thurrott mention this flaw a few weeks back on Windows Weekly. hopefully Microsoft will follow up with a nice patch to repair this regression.

As a software developer we have to deal with tough choices like this to make sure we ship a stable product on time. As bad as this omission feels it was probably done for the sake of shipping. With Windows 10 the idea is to patch the OS often, as a service. We will see how well this plays out, but this feels like a good candidate for patching sooner rather than later.

By Rob Fahrni

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Wow, I had no idea this has been in review since January of this year.

That makes me believe they discovered a huge security hole in the code and this regression fixed the problem.

The OS is great! I don’t use OneDrive but for people that rely on it this is a big disappointment.

Smart move on your part. I still use a lot of hard drive space on my machines. Even though I use a lot of cloud-based storage, I rely on my hard drive as simply another backup copy of the data. My favorite machine – Yoga 2 Pro – has a 256 GB SSD, so you can imagine how ticked I was when I discovered the issue after upgrading. With that said, I have to take some responsibility myself as I should have done more investigative work. Double Doh!

I hear what you’re sayin’ bro, but it sucks. I never thought about it being a stability issue, etc. Thanks for that perspective.

That one feature made OneDrive the best cloud-based syncing option available, IMHO. Without that feature it’s just another me-too product in a sea of better options.


I know this one thing is bad, but overall Windows 10 looks really, really, good. I’m especially happy with Edge and the overall look and feel of the OS shell. It’s solid and will get much better. I like the new direction, treating the OS as a service is a good thing.

I kind of wish they’d just give up on phones and focus on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and the IoT market. Make sure Windows works well with Android and iOS and move on. Continue the focus on Azure, Windows, and applications everywhere.

Of course that opinion is worth nothing. 🙂

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