Wrong footed in Oregon

The Washington Post: “It eeds to be very clear that these buildings will never, ever return to the federal government,” says Finicum, who wears a cowboy hat and a Colt .45 pistol holstered on his hip.

What I hear when in read this is, “We will burn these buildings.” It is only a matter of time before law enforcement, or federal law enforcement, has had enough of this circus.

The thing I do not understand is why it has been allowed to go on this long. This group is no better than the Confedercy was at its time. I don’t want to see a big shootout, which is exactly what I think these folks are look for. Why the want to kill or be killed is beyond me.

I am hoping for a peaceful ending. They should run the terrorists handbook on these folks and isolate them to the point that nothing and no one goes in or comes out. Wait them out. When they get hungry or try to leave the site, arrest them.

It would be horrible to see women and children die because of a paranoid group of men that feel mistreated by the US Government. 

Hopefully it all ends soon and peacefully.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer