Apple iPad

Hard Times for Mini?

Above Avalon: “Apple is still selling too many iPad minis for the product to be mothballed. However, the more likely path will be a slow yet steady slide into irrelevancy. The product will see more sporadic refreshes, which has already happened with the iPad line, while the value proposition continues to become less compelling.”

If true this is a real bummer. I know Apple can’t win with every product, and they’ve had their share of failures, but the iPad Mini is my favorite iPad. I still use a first generation iPad Mini and love it, maybe that makes me part of the problem. I haven’t gone out and bought a nice shiny new iPad Mini 4?

I would imagine a lot of folks have opted for a Plus sized iPhone and skipped purchasing a Mini. I’ve been torn recently between purchasing an iPhone 6s Plus and the rumored iPhone 5se. I still like the smaller phone but the large phone seems reasonable and could definitely fill the role of the two devices I use today.

It will be really interesting to see how Apple shifts their product line in the coming years. The iPhone remains king of the hill but the entire hardware lineup seems to be doing quite well.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer