One Photographer’s Take

Dave Rogers: “Allow me to vent my spleen here briefly on what an utter piece of crap Apple’s Photos app is on iOS, and the Photos iCloud architecture. The MacOS app is slightly better, but it’s still crap too.”

RibbitBeing a fan of Apple can be frustrating in the modern era. It’s no longer focused on creating the best tools for professionals like it once was. We’ve entered the 800lb Gorilla phase in Apple’s life. They’ve switched focus to creating the best experience for the lowest common denominator, they are now the everybody company. This isn’t a bad thing overall, it’s just different. Apple still creates the best integrated hardware and software experience on the planet, but it’s aimed squarely at the masses, not professionals or, as in the case above, power users. We’ve seen this with the abandonment of Aperture and the lack of hardware upgrades in the Professional Mac hardware lineup (the flip side to this is my 2011 MacBook Pro is still plenty of computer for iOS development.)

The land rush that has been iOS App Development is beginning to lose its luster. The market is full of crummy games that milk users for cash to buy their way past levels. That market is really designed for the attention deficit. I’d love to find the time, money, and energy to focus on the Professional Mac using market. I really believe there is something to be had there as a developer and a user.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer