Windows is Amazing

Microsoft Cash Cow.Windows Central: “Before this model, Microsoft had the unified kernel (OneCore), but the OS-level stuff was different across Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 PC, Xbox, HoloLens, and Surface Hub. Each one required its own team to maintain. While they all shared the kernel (OneCore) and app layer (UWP) the “middle” of each needed its own engineering team.

With Windows Core OS this model is killed off. The kernel, app layer and now OS-level components are all the same. The one difference will be the shell or the UI. In the Windows Core OS model, these are also referred to as “composers.” For instance, there can be a tablet composer, one for desktop, and one for mobile.”

Back in 2011 I did a bit of speculating about the design of Windows 8 and WinRT. It’s fun to think about overall designs of operating systems and Windows is definitely fun to ponder.

I really love Microsoft’s commitment to making Windows usable by mouse or by touch. I’ve seen plenty of people touching the displays of their Windows based machines and it works just fine. On the desktop it might not be ideal but we’re moving toward a more mobile world, maybe it’s safe to say we’ve already moved to a mobile world? In this world having a touch based device that also has a mouse is ideal. I can dock it at work and use it with my big displays then pack it up and use it at home on the couch as a touch device. This is precisely why I’d love Apple to continue to evolve the iPad into a hybrid that includes a mouse and touch.

I’m a longtime Windows user turned Mac fanatic, but I still think Windows is a great operating system.

By Rob Fahrni

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Windows 10 gives MacOS a pretty good run for its money, but Microsoft has these odd quirks… the out of the box experience of Win10 is a horrible blinkenlights start menu and a bunch of useless bundled apps (even on a Microsoft-default config with no OEM addons).

I had to install Start10 to get back a sane start menu. With MacOS on the other hand the defaults are pretty usable.


I’ve been running Windows 10 in a VM and I’ve been really happy with it. I kind of wish Microsoft would make their new S mode the default for everything and just give us a completely stripped down experience. Great out of the box applications could go a long way. Having a good UWP Notepad, WordPad, and a great email client would be awesome.

I still really love my Mac and macOS so I don’t plan on switching back, but as a developer I really appreciate the underpinnings of Windows. It’s a really great OS to build on.

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