Impeach Him

[New York Times]( – “President Trump not only should be impeached, he must be impeached if America’s democracy is to remain intact.”

I still can’t wrap my brain around why Republican’s don’t see how bad Donald Trump is for our nation and democracy. The man is a criminal, milking the United States for personal gain. On the world stage he’s a laughing stock destroying relationships with our staunchest allies. At home he’s destroying one of the things that actually does make America great; helping others.

I know conservatives love their small government, fine. But why do you put up with a small, hateful, compassionless, misogynistic, vile person in the form of Donald J. Trump? Is it all to “own the libs”?

Well you got us. We’ve been owned.

Now, can we get back to being a great nation – with great leadership – and stop playing the burn democracy to the ground game?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer