Windows 3.1 app for Slack

[Yeo Kheng Meng]( *”In October 2019, my company SP Digital held an internal hackathon. My colleague Subhransu and I worked on a whacky idea of writing a brand-new Windows 3.1 app which was an OS released almost 30 years ago. The idea we chose was a Slack client. After all, Slack clients exist for most platforms but I’m certain one does not exist for Windows 3.1.”*

This is really fantastic! It gives me all the feels of days gone by. I spent an incredible amount of time working on a great Windows application called [Visio]( It began life on Windows 3.1 and still runs today on modern Windows OSes.

Makes me wonder if my [old C++ framework]( would work on Windows 3.x today? It began life there but I bet it wouldn’t compile today. 🤔

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer