Modern Interview Prep

[Brent Simmons]( _”In production code, if a problem like this came up, I’d ask “How the hell did we get here?” and try to backtrack and figure out what insanity caused this, because it’s just not right.”_

This mirrors my experience when I was interviewing back in 2014. Heck, I managed to get an interview at Google for an iOS development job – I can’t remember if it was on Maps or Chrome – and I was blown away by the interview process. I was sent a list of things to study. Not one had to do with iOS development. It was all about algorithms. I was given a month to prepare and a contact at Google that was meant to be a tutor to help me prepare.

Needless to say. I canceled the interview.

Brent is a thoughtful, battle hardened, Mac and iOS developer. He built one of the most beloved Mac applications ever built; [NetNewsWire](

But to most companies today, this means very little, if anything.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer