I’m surprised some enterprising Trump Youth hasn’t had this idea yet.

Camp COVID is an exclusive summer camp. You pay $100,000.00, plus the cost of any hospitalization, to attend this all inclusive summer camp. We’re talking high end camp here. Not s’mores and hot cocoa by the fire. It’s all opulence, all the time, complete with Trump golden toilets and a lifetime subscription to Trump Steaks.

Here’s the catch. There’s no social distancing. You can do whatever your little heart desires. Want to visit the lake to do a little kayaking? Do it! How about drinks and dancing at the on site night club? Do it?

It’s two weeks, zero quarantine, and no pesky government telling you want to do! Bliss.

At the end of two weeks you are required to visit the quarantine center on site for the following two weeks where you’re tested daily. At the end of the two weeks you’re released.

If you test positive you’re put back into the Camp COVID grounds to fend for yourself. No staff on site.

You can, however, choose to call a friend or loved one to come pick you up.

Good luck and enjoy your stay at Camp COVID.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer