What next?

It’s a beautiful day here in Charlottesville. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are foraging and jumping around in the trees, and I’m sitting on our porch with the dogs sipping coffee trying to take it all in, but my brain has other ideas.

I’m thinking about the cross platform application I’ve wanted to write for, geez, 20-years. I’d estimated, based on my skill set and how slowly I code, it would take at least 10-years to complete. (Why am I so obsessed with this idea?)

As I sit here I’m asking myself, why bother? By the time I finish folks probably won’t care about native, high performance, native desktop and mobile applications.

Apple is still pushing native and this app would target iPad and Mac but it will also target Windows. At least that is what I’m thinking. Microsoft gave up on native desktop apps a long time ago. Sure, they’ve introduced WinUI 3 recently but they’re pushing Electron apps fairly hard. Heck, why not, VSCode is Electron and it’s amazing. I couldn’t do that.

I really do not care to be a web developer but at some point I’m going to either become one or do something completely different to earn a living. Owning a coffee shop is something I’ve often considered.

I’m tired. Aging. Tired of working for other people. That, I think, is my biggest frustration. I’d always imagined myself as a successful indie software developer. Just a one person shop, a lifestyle job. Make something, sell something, repeat.

If I happen to find a truckload of cash laying around it could change my math. Until then I’ll continue to fight with my brain.

Here’s hoping I win. 😀

(Please forgive my brain dump. This is but a small taste of what’s going on in my head, daily.)

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer